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June 28, 2016


national arboretum engagement photosWe’ve been going strong with weddings and engagement sessions every single Friday Saturday and Sunday all summer long.  Its would get old real fast if it weren’t for our amazing Sknow Photo couples.  It seriously brings my life and joy to spend time photographing amazing (and GORGEOUS) couples like Nicole and Chin! They make our job easy and fun.  Nicole and Chin are High School sweethearts and are getting married next month!  We cannot wait for their awesome DC area wedding.  They even work at the same hospital and carpool in together.  Is that not the most adorable thing ever? They both just beam with happiness around each other.  And they were actually both in one of our 2014 Sknow Photo couple’s wedding party (You can take a peek at their Newton White Mansion Wedding here!).  Chin was Anthony’s best man, and Anthony will be returning the favor as Chin’s best man next month!  I am so excited to be reunited with one of our past couples at one of this years weddings!  Its seriously my favorite! We love these guys and loved getting lost together and trying to find our way through the National Arboretum with them (that place is confusing!).  We got so many beautiful National Arboretum engagement photos during our time with them, it was hard to choose which ones I wanted to show y’all on the blog!

national arboretum engagement photosnational arboretum engagement photosnational arboretum engagement photographernational-arboretum-engagement-photos_0259national arboretum engagement photographerFirst of all, I just need to proclaim my love for Nicole’s dress!  It is so so pretty, and she looks absolutely STUNNING in it! Am I right? (Yes, I am.. I know.) national arboretum engagement photosnational-arboretum-engagement-photos_0262I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you there were between two and four people in the background of these next photos.  We did our best to position our camera and the plants and Nicole and Chin to hide those pesky onlookers! haha!national arboretum engagement photographernational-arboretum-engagement-photos_0264national arboretum engagement photosnational arboretum engagement photographernational-arboretum-engagement-photos_0267national-arboretum-engagement-photos_0268national-arboretum-engagement-photos_0269national arboretum engagement photographernational arboretum engagement photosThis wasn’t even an official garden in the National Arboretum.  It was just a random spot of grass but I saw the golden sun just peeking through the trees and I knew we needed to take advantage of it!national arboretum engagement photosnational arboretum engagement photosnational arboretum engagement photographer

ENGAGEMENT VENUE | National Arboretum


  1. Brea says:

    Wowza, what a gorgeous couple, and you can see just how comfortable they were in front of your lens. These are so natural and beautiful!

  2. Emily says:

    Holy moly gorgeousness! Love the light and the poses and smiles. Super super pretty!

  3. Lolo Carter says:

    You guys are so beautiful together I love you❤❤

  4. Annette Simms says:

    Amazing! I Love them all…that called natural love and it always easy!

  5. Lolita carter says:

    You guys are so beautiful together I love you❤

  6. Lorin Hayes says:

    These pictures are amazing! Also this couple is so cute together! I love love

  7. Amanda Walz says:

    Gorgeous location. I love her dress!

  8. Alexandria says:

    Oh my gahhh! You are a posing queen!! I love every photo of this session. BEAUTIFUL work.

  9. Ronnie Izon says:

    Cute together!

  10. These images are GORGEOUS! We love that you captured their pure joy and excitement! 🙂 Oh! And her dress is ADORABLE!

  11. Phillip White says:

    Wow!!! These are absolutely beautiful pictures!!

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