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June 8, 2016


middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0603Where oh where do I even begin here?  Ashley and Jon first met up with us on Valentines day at a Starbucks.  So we basically had a double blind date. We adore getting to know our couples outside of their wedding day. But I had just dropped my sister and my sweet baby nephew off at the airport after a too-short visit, and was literally crying on the ride over to meet Ashley and Jon.  But as soon as we met up with them, it just felt like we were connecting with old friends, which was such a blessing to my slightly sad heart that day! They are such a fun happy nice couple and they just belong with each other.  When Ashley mentioned the idea of having their Middleburg VA engagement photos with a horse (she’s an amazing professional horse rider…is that the term? Equestrian?.. anyway), I got super excited.  But when the day came, and it had been raining nonstop for almost a month, and the weather forecast showed no chance of the rain stopping anytime soon, we all woke up before the crack of dawn and decided to just go for it anyway.  I don’t know if I’ve ever prayed so fervently for the rain to stop the entire drive there. And wouldn’t you believe, after about 15 minutes of sitting in the car waiting to see if there might be a break in the rain clouds, it stopped raining literally just long enough for us to have an amazing engagement portrait session.  As we were all walking back to our cars the rain started to come back down again.  Definitely an answer to prayer.  Ashley and Jon made waking up before the sun rose the day after a wedding a blast. And I’m not exaggerating.  We laughed and joked and talked and caught up the whole time we walked around and we are so thankful for awesome Sknow Photo couples like them! They’re the kind of folks we would want to be friends with even if we weren’t their va wedding photographers. And the photos we were able to capture are just STUNNING.  And horses, you guys!  We took Ashley’s sweet horse with us for some photos, and I think it was just so early in the morning that her horse must’ve been sleepy, but that horse was the most chill relaxed sweet animal ever.  middleburg va engagement photosmiddleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0562middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0609middleburg va engagement photosmiddleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0565middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0564middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0574middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0567middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0566middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0568middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0579middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0580I just love this engagement photo!  So so perfect!middleburg va engagement photos with a horsemiddleburg va engagement photos with a horsemiddleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0570middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0569middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0576middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0575I swear, Ashley’s horse just knew exactly when to pose for the camera!middleburg va engagement photos with a horsemiddleburg va engagement photos with a horsemiddleburg va engagement photos with a horsemiddleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0585middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0584I love me some stone walls!middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0583middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0582middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0610middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0581Alright, this is a bold statement, but I think this is my all time favorite engagement photo.  The horse, and the misty morning light, and the sweetness these two share.middleburg va engagement photos with a horsemiddleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0587middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0588middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0589middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0591You guys, the horses were having so much fun in the field next to us.  I think they were trying to show off for us!middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0605middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0604middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0602middleburg va engagement photosmiddleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0595middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0600STUNNING!  I have no words!middleburg va engagement photosmiddleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0598middleburg va engagement photosmiddleburg va engagement photos with a horsemiddleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0596middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0607middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0608middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0592middleburg-va-engagement-photos-with-a-horse__0593These two are troopers!  They kept laughing and smiling and being adorable on our walk back to the car even though it was straight up raining at this point.  They should win a prize or something. middleburg va engagement photos


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  1. Brea says:

    These are so awesome, Sarah! You did a beautiful job capturing their love! And honestly I think my favorite is that last one. It goes with your caption perfectly and their expressions are 100% perfect! Love!!!!

  2. Anna Marie Arpasi says:

    You guys def lucked out with the rain stopping! These are awesome!! And I love that you could incoporate something that is so special to her!! Gorgeous work guys!!

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