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June 9, 2016


annapolis usna wedding photos

Zach and Brandi are highschool sweethearts.  And they were so committed to each other that they continued their relationship long distance when Zach moved to Annapolis Maryland to attend the Naval Academy (USNA) while Brandi stayed in Arkansas.  Talk about a really long distance! Zach decided to plan the proposal during Parents weekend at USNA while Brandi was visiting him. They had been talking about marriage for a while but she didn’t have a clue when or where it MIGHT happen and she also didn’t want to get her hopes up. But as all the Midshipmen and all their friends and families were gathered in King Hall at the Naval Academy for lunch, Zach told Brandi to stand up front near the anchor so that she could hear his company say the announcements before all of the midshipmen and their families ate. So Brandi was standing near the anchor next to Zach’s family, and she started to get upset with Zach because he was running around talking to his friends instead of spending time with her. She kept thinking “What is he doing? He sees these people every day.. Why isn’t he spending time with me!”  When finally Zach gets up at the anchor to say the daily announcements. But as soon as Zach started talking Brandi could hear the nervousness in his voice and that was the moment she told me she knew he was going to propose.  Come to find out when Brandi thought Zach was ignoring her and just talking to his friends, he was actually trying frantically to get the microphone to work before proposing. That whole parents weekend at USNA , everywhere they went to on the Naval Academy yard, people kept asking them “hey aren’t you the ones to for engaged today?”.  They’re practically famous now!  Brandi and Zach had the most perfectly simple and sweet Naval Academy graduation weekend wedding.  So not only were they celebrating the start of their new life TOGETHER, but they were all there in Annapolis Maryland to celebrate Zach’s graduation from the Naval Academy. And they planned lots of time for us to capture some really lovely Annapolis USNA wedding photos in between their ceremony at the USNA chapel, and their backyard BBQ wedding reception in downtown Annapolis!annapolis usna wedding photosannapolis usna wedding photosannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0613annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0614naval academy wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0616annapolis usna wedding photosannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0618annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0674I loved all of the sweet sunflowers everywhere at their wedding!naval academy wedding photographerannapolis usna wedding photosannapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis usna wedding photosnaval academy wedding photographerannapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis usna wedding photosDon’t they just look so happy and relieved to finally be MARRIED and TOGETHER! They’re just the sweetest!naval academy wedding photographerannapolis usna wedding photographernaval academy wedding photographerannapolis usna wedding photosannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0630annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0631annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0632We LOVE a Naval Academy Chapel wedding ceremony.  Theres just so much pretty light inside there!annapolis usna wedding photosannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0634annapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0636A classic Navy wedding sword arch ceremony!annapolis usna wedding photosannapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0639annapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis usna wedding photosannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0642annapolis usna wedding photosnaval academy wedding photographernaval academy wedding photographerI love Annapolis in the summer time!  Everything is just bursting with color!naval academy wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0647annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0648annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0649annapolis usna wedding photosannapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0652annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0653annapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis usna wedding photographernaval academy wedding photographernaval academy wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0658annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0659annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0660annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0661annapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0663USNA graduates!annapolis usna wedding photosannapolis usna wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0666annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0667annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0668Isn’t this custom wedding card box amazing?  It’s so neat that they’ll be able to keep it as a family heirloom after their wedding!annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0669annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0670naval academy wedding photographerannapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0672annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0673annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0675annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0676annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0677annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0678annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0679annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0680annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0681annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0682annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0683annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0684annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0685annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0686annapolis-usna-wedding-photos__0687Their wedding cake was half wedding cake and half USNA graduation cake!  Zach is going into the Marines, so they made sure to include the Marines insignia as a shout out to Zach for his USNA graduation weekend!annapolis usna wedding photos

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I agree, Annapolis in the summer time is just so beautiful! You captured their day so perfectly!

  2. Brea says:

    You picked some really beautiful spots for their portraits! Amazing job shoots at the US Naval Academy!

  3. Brooke says:

    What a beautiful day and such lovely portraits of Brandi and Zach! I love the colors – baby blue and sunflower yellow – and you incorporated their colors so beautifully into their detail shots!

  4. Rachel smith says:

    love the photos of the earrings. The wedding party photos right after the first look are super fun!

  5. Tammy Dodson Beasley says:

    This is just amazing. So beautiful!!!

  6. Sarah W says:

    This is such a dreamy summer wedding! It looks like it was the perfect day for their wedding. I’m completely loving all of your detail shots!

  7. Carly Fuller says:

    Such bright and cheerful annapolis usna wedding photos!!!

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