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May 20, 2016

BRIGHT SPRING SAVAGE MILL MANOR WEDDING PHOTOSsavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0429Kristin and Thaddeus heard about us through what is probably our longest line of referrals yet.  We photographed the wedding of our friends from church, Lauren and Andrew way back in the day (they had an epic 90’s themed wedding).  Lindsay was Lauren’s bridesmaid, and hired us be their Baltimore wedding photographer at her and Jon’s awesome Overhills Mansion wedding two years ago. Lindsay worked as a teacher with Lauren- who got married to Christopher and we photographed their wedding last year. And then Lauren and Lindsay both recommended us an awesome Maryland wedding photographer to their fellow teacher friends, Catie (and Rob.. and their fabulously bright pink Celebrations at the Bay wedding) & Kristin (and Thaddeus- who also worked with all these teachers for a little while).  Did you catch all of that?  I’m hoping this long line of people just continues…until I’m 80 years old and photographing all of their childrens’ weddings.. Just kidding.  But all that to say, every one of those couples have just been dreams to work with.  And Thaddeus and Kristin are no exception.  This year we’ve specifically been praying that we would be a blessing to each one of our Sknow Photo couples, and that they would be a blessing to us as well.  And you guys, Thaddeus and Kristen just knew how to brighten our day and make us feel appreciated.  In a job where we’re going going going on our feet all day giving everything we have, to have a bride and groom stop what they’re doing and ask how we’re doing… it means the world to us!  But, I’ve realized thats just how Kristin and Thaddeus are towards everyone.  They really are two of the most thoughtful kind folks we’ve gotten to work with.  And we thrilled that they opted for a first look because it gave us the perfect chance to get some awesome Savage Mill Manor wedding photos in before the crazy storm hit! You wouldn’t even know from these photos that it rained like crazy!savage mill manor wedding photossavage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0390savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0391savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0392savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0393savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0394Pardon me while I geek out a bit over the bridal suite bathroom at Historic Savage Mill Manor.  I am telling you- a good, bright, white, light-filled getting ready area makes all the difference in the world.  Its one of the easiest investments you can make for your wedding day to make your photos just really shine.  savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0395savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0397savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0398That mirror!!!savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0399savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0400savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0401savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0403savage mill manor wedding photosAren’t her flowers just the perfect colors for Springtime?savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0406savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0407savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0408savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0409I love that their first look allowed them time alone to see each other for the first time.  My eyes started watering when I watched their reactions.  It was such a precious sweet moment of perfect calm joy before their wedding.  savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0410savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0411Oh, and it allowed us to get some STUNNING Savage Mill Manor wedding photos of them before their guests arrived and the thunder and rain came rolling in.savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0412savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0414savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0415savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0417savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0418savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0419savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0420savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0422savage mill manor wedding photosSo sweet!savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0425That yellow door!  Its my dream door.  But seriously though..savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0427savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0428savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0429savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0430savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0432savage mill manor wedding photossavage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0435savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0436savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0437savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0438savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0439savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0441I love that they still were full of emotions and lost in each others eyes when Kristin walked down the aisle!savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0442savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0443savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0444savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0446So much laughter and tears during their sweet vows.  savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0448Even though we had to move their ceremony indoors because of the rain, Historic Savage Mill Manor is such a beautiful wedding venue that it was just as nice having their ceremony inside.savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0450savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0452savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0454savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0455savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0456savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0457savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0459savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0460savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0461savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0462savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0463savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0464AHH! They pinky promised each other that they wouldn’t smash cake in each others face.  I can’t handle the cuteness!savage mill manor wedding photossavage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0466savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0467savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0468savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0469savage-mill-manor-wedding-photos__0470

WEDDING VENUE | Historic Savage Mill Manor

WEDDING CATERER | Putting On The Ritz

WEDDING DJ | Absolute Entertainment


  1. Jennifer says:

    This wedding is beautiful! I love how sweet their first look was! I also love that it didn’t take one ounce of emotion away from their ceremony. I wish more couples could see the whole wedding day and how much emotion and joy can come from a first look. It really does make the whole day so much more enjoyable and the couple is always just as emotional at the start of the ceremony. You captured their day perfectly!

  2. Lauren C says:

    I would never have guessed that it rained…the photos are all so bright and light and happy! And I just have to say that I have never seen the wine glasses upside down as their centerpieces thing before. That’s genius!

  3. Nancy Reigle says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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